Alison Longridge


Ali has over 20 years experience as a registered acupuncturist, specialising in gynaecology, male and female fertility, pregnancy and post-natal care. She practices here at York clinic each Wednesday and Friday, and lives in Strensall with her husband and two children.

She holds a PhD in Health Sciences (as applied to acupuncture in gynaecology) from the University of York and a Masters in Acupuncture (MScAc) with distinction from the Northern College of Acupuncture and University of Wales. Ali is a member of the British Acupuncture Council (MBAcC),  members engage in continual professional development to maintain high standards of care and ensure safe practice.

Ali has been inspired by some wonderful teachers over the years and her practice continues to evolve in line with growing expertise within the profession and well conducted research.  She has studied with some exceptional acupuncturists, including Jane Lyttleton – gynaecology and fertility expert from Australia, and Debra Betts – obstetric expert from New Zealand.  In terms of UK based expertise, amongst others, Ali has studied with Jani White, Zita West, Sarah Budd and Naarva Carmen – London based practitioners who are leading the way in acupuncture becoming an integrated part of conventional treatment and care.  Above all, Ali admires their passion for traditional acupuncture, their heart-felt care for their patients, and their compassionate wisdom.

Ali believes that an open, honest and caring relationship between patient and practitioner is essential; without it, it would be difficult for her to gather all the information necessary to make a really accurate diagnosis and plan a truly appropriate treatment. It is not unusual for many acu-points to come to mind when considering how to help a certain symptom like menstrual pain. Working out those points best suited to an individual means building a detailed picture of their health. This way, both Ali and her patient come to see the relevance and relationship between all sorts of signs and symptoms that may have seemed quite unrelated to the patient until now.

Indeed, seeing the world through the guise of traditional acupuncture can be incredibly illuminating, and empowering too, for good acupuncture is never all about needles! It is always, always, about understanding ourselves better and how to bring about our good health using every tool at our disposal – choosing foods to suit our constitution, sleeping more, exercising less, exercising differently, resting during the day, spending more time with friends, taking up horse riding, painting again. In every case, the changes a patient makes are specific to them; they are informed by their traditional acupuncture diagnosis and, most importantly, by what resonates for them – what makes good sense.

If you’d like to get a better understanding of diagnosis in traditional acupuncture, and how acupuncture helps to normalise menstruation and enhance fertility (male and female), Ali recommends the following book: “Making Babies: A Proven 3 Month Program for Maximum Fertility” by Jill Blakeway and Sami S David.  This book takes a pragmatic approach– written by a US fertility expert and fertility acupuncturist, it highlights how incredibly powerful simple lifestyle changes can be, defines a clear role for acupuncture, and discusses how to optimise benefits from assisted conception treatments.

Ali takes a pragmatic approach, believing that there is no one way to achieve good health or a healthy baby. Rather the key is to listen to and understand each patient’s unique position and help them to create the package of care that will enable them to achieve their goal.  Supporting patients in this way has led her to marry her skills with conventional treatments like IVF and labour induction, as well as osteopathy, hypnotherapy, nutrition and herbal medicine. And because sometimes acupuncture treatments need to be timed carefully to complement treatments like IVF, Ali works closely with other fertility practitioners here at the clinic to ensure there is a practitioner here whenever she is needed.

The British Acupuncture Council has launched a website. It has lots of information about acupuncture, who has it and why they choose it. TV presenter Clare Nasir talks about her experience of using acupuncture alongside IVF to help her chances of conceiving; her little girl is now two.

Also please see the clinic blog, where there is a video of women talking about their positive experiences of using acupuncture for menopausal hot flushes in an American research study.

Attending for Treatment

For your initial consultation: Please allow an hour so Ali can take a full medical history and agree a treatment plan with you. The more information you can bring about your condition – including any medication you are taking, blood tests, investigations or fertility charts – the better equipped she will be to assess and treat you, and the more specific she can be with the prognosis. Follow up treatments take 50 minutes.

Contacting Ali to discuss treatment: If you would like to email Ali initially, or arrange a telephone consultation, please do contact her here at the clinic via our receptionists with a brief message. To ensure confidentiality, Ali will then contact you via her personal email In this way, she will be able to guide you as to what a course of acupuncture treatment might involve for you, given your specific treatment needs.

Gynae fertility charts and sperm tests: These are very useful diagnostic tools, as well as helping to monitor improvement and change from a course of acupuncture treatment. Taking a test or making a basal body temperature (BBT) chart prior to beginning a course of treatment might be a good option for you, where time allows. Apps like Fertility Friend are useful.

Your GP will be able to arrange a sperm test for you. The very best book to guide you in making a BBT Chart is:”Taking Charge of Your Fertility” by Toni Weschler. It is an interesting and informative read – but please do not panic if your chart does not look like the ones in the book – if it did, you probably wouldn’t be looking for an acupuncturist specialising in gynaecology and fertility!

Clinic Times:  Clinic times are Wednesday and Friday.  On Wednesday Ali works 9am until 1pm,on Friday she works 9am until 4pm. During IVF cycles, or similar, appointments are arranged according to need with Ali or a colleague here at the clinic.

Treatment fees:

The initial consultation is charged at £55 and lasts an hour. Treatment sessions are £45 and last fifty minutes. Please make your payment by cash, cheque or bank transfer prior to your appointment.

Treatments to support Assisted Conception Cycles outside of my normal clinic days are charged at £60 and arranged on an individual basis.

Please be aware that, regrettably, you will be invoiced for all missed appointments, or appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice.

Pregnancy acupuncture treatment packages

To Gently Turn Your Breech Baby with Moxa

This gentle treatment does not involve needles. Instead it involves moxibustion daily for 10 days. £45 initial consultation, including enough Moxa for 10 days. £45 for the follow-up appointment in 10 days time.

Acupressure in Labour Workshop for Mum-to-be and her Birth Partner ~ £55

Please allow 60 minutes. The session involves a thorough exploration of the effective points and includes a fully illustrated handbook that Ali has developed over many years of teaching this course to couples.

Preparing for Birth – A course of treatment for Mum-to-be ~ £175

Three once weekly sessions of pre-birth acupuncture and an acupressure in labour workshop for mum-to-be and her birth partner – from week 36/37 of pregnancy. This package gives a saving of £25.

Gift Vouchers

If you would like gift vouchers for your friends and family, please do contact our receptionist to purchase these.  

To make an appointment to see Alison please telephone 01904 709688, or email us at  You could also use the contact page. If you would like to discuss your condition and/or treatment options, please contact Ali direct via email.