Sue Brierley

Sue has joined us here at York Clinic, in April 2021, as a locum whilst Rachel Hemblade is on leave. Rachel has arranged for Sue to continue treating her patient list and can pass on your notes with your permission.

Sue is also available to see new patients, so feel free to contact her directly or via reception to discuss treatment options and to book appointments.


Meet Sue

I am a passionate and intuitive practitioner, having qualified from the renowned & highly regarded Northern College of Acupuncture with a 1st-class BSc (hons) degree. I am fully licensed and a member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC).
I have extensive and comprehensive biomedical knowledge in anatomy and physiology. I incorporate many Chinese medicine treatment modalities such as bodywork, Guasha, Cupping, Tuina, neuromuscular techniques and Moxibustion. This wide knowledge base empowers me to create treatment plans that are effective and personal to you.


My Journey

My introduction to Chinese medicine happened in my early 20’s. I suffered with allergic eczema from a young age and having exhausted all western medical solutions, I turned to Chinese herbs in desperation. It worked, I was sold! I later went on to suffer with a chronic back injury whilst working as a professional dancer. When my physiotherapist suggested acupuncture I jumped at the chance. Once more, it didn’t disappoint, I was out of pain. I have since used acupuncture for help with a variety of conditions: Hay fever, migraines and chronic allergic rhinitis. This amazing medicine has never let me down.


My Thoughts

I believe we are dynamic beings and as such we are always striving to achieve balance. This has always been at the heart of Chinese medicine philosophy: This medicine nourishes and balances the physical and mental aspects of health. It offers a unique duality – being gentle yet incredibly powerful in effect – this is often difficult to comprehend from a western medical perspective. This, wonderful, versatile medicine has improved my life many times in many ways and since becoming a practitioner I haven’t looked back. I was destined to become part of the Chinese medicine community and now I’m here, ready to work with you.