Alexander Technique in York

Alexander Technique in York: reduce tension, enhance vitality

The Alexander Technique teaches people in practical ways to do any activity with less effort, enhancing awareness and changing poor postural habits that cause tension and pain. This can restore poise, freedom of movement, and a balance of mind and body. You can use the Alexander Technique to ensure you do any activity with minimum tension, for example working at a computer, teaching, playing sports, running, walking, cycling, digging the garden, lifting and carrying children etc. Individual lessons ensure that your particular needs are addressed. Lessons last for 45 minutes. Initial consultation lasts for 1 hour.

Alexander Technique

What happens in a lesson? The teacher uses gentle hands-on guidance and verbal explanation to help you to recognise and release unnecessary tension, finding ease and balance within yourself in simple movements, (e.g. sitting, standing, walking or bending), and in specific activities (e.g. playing an instrument, teaching, working at a computer etc.) Part of a lesson may include lying on a table. This allows for maximum support and relief for the back, while the teacher uses gentle manipulation to help release tight connective tissue and joints. No special equipment is required. Just wear loose, comfortable, everyday clothes.

How many lessons are required? After an initial introductory lesson, I recommend about six lessons at close intervals e.g. one per week, to become familiar with habits and understand how the Alexander Technique can be successfully applied in daily life. After this, l may recommend some more lessons, at less close intervals to reinforce what has been learnt, depending on individual needs.

Clinical Research. In August 2008 clinical research was published in the British Medical Journal, titled, “Randomised controlled trial of Alexander technique lessons, exercise, and massage (ATEAM) for chronic and recurrent back pain”. The researchers concluded that “One to one lessons in the Alexander technique from registered teachers have long term benefits for patients with chronic back pain”. For the full article, which is open access, click here

Mary treated many clients who took part in the ATLAS neck pain trial. This was a year-long study into chronic neck pain which was run by the Complementary Medicine Research Group in the University’s Department of Health Sciences in conjunction with the York Trials Unit.

To find out more about the Alexander Technique, visit Mary’s website or the website of The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique

Mary Greene practices Alexander Technique in York and Yorkshire and is our resident practitioner. Call us on 01904 709688 to make an appointment or use our contact form and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.