Aromatherapy at York Clinic

Elizabeth Reid Dunkerley and Christine Wilkinson practise aromatherapy at York Clinic

What is aromatherapy massage?

Aromatherapy Massage combines the therapeutic benefits of natural essential oils with a variety of massage techniques to suit your needs. These may include light or deep holistic massage, therapeutic massage or remedial massage to problem areas.

Aromatherapy massage, combined with a sensible lifestyle, is an excellent way of maintaining health and preventing the imbalances which give rise to illness. During an aromatherapy massage, the effects of massage are intensified by the use of essential oils. The oils are often referred to as ''plant hormones''; just as our glands produce hormones which affect bodily systems, so plant hormones are capable of giving different effects. /Circulation is improved, muscles are relaxed, joints become more flexible, the immune system is strengthened, toxins are eliminated and energy flow is balanced.  On an emotional level, stress and tension are replaced by feelings of relaxation and contentment. Having regular aromatherapy massages will bring a noticeable improvement in well-being and general health.


How might aromatherapy massage help with…

…discomfort in muscles and joints?

Decrease muscle discomfort

Reduce stiffness and soreness in the muscles and increase their flexibility

Relax tight muscles and fascia, reducing spasms and cramping   

Help restore normal muscle tone and function

…stress and tension?

Lessen tension and feelings of stress

Increase relaxation

Improve mood

Create a sense of general well being

…preparation for and recovery after sports events?

Reduce stiffness and tone up muscles before an event

Speed recovery of sore, aching or stiff muscles after a sports event or training.

…fertility and pregnancy? 

For both partners, Aromatherapy Massage may help you relax and improve the sense of well-being at a potentially stressful time when trying to conceive.

Massage techniques and oils safe to use in pregnancy. They may help to relieve muscular discomfort and decrease the feelings of stress

We can advise you about the use of essential oils as a support during labour.


For an aromatherapy appointment with  Christine or Elizabeth at York Clinic call us on 01904 709688 or use our contact form and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.