McTimoney Chiropractic at York Clinic

If you are looking for a practitioner in York, David Stott and Shelagh Taggart practise McTimoney Chiropractic at York Clinic.

McTimoney Chiropractic  is a system of treatment using gentle manipulation to relieve pressure on nerves throughout the body – a result of falls, crashes, poor posture, habits, occupational hazards, childbirth. The whole body is checked over at every treatment, making it a thorough form of chiropractic treatment. The adjustments are very low force and most people find McTimoney a relaxing experience. Anyone of any age can benefit, including children and pregnant women after the first trimester. The number of treatments you might need depends on the duration of the problem, and your age and fitness. You will need to undress to your underclothes for the treatment session.

Our McTimoney Chiropractors at the York Clinic are David Stott and Shelagh Taggart

To book a McTimoney Chiropractic appointment with either of our McTimoney Chiropractors here at York Clinic call us on 01904 709688 or use our contact form and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.