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About York Clinic

Our friendly team provides integrative therapies from fully-qualified practitioners in a relaxing, patient centred environment. We take your whole story into account, helping you overcome stubborn conditions and feel your best.

Our History

The history of York Clinic is rooted in its community of practitioners and shaped by the vision of its founder Hugh MacPherson, who sadly passed away in August 2020.
Hugh was a trailblazer in the field of acupuncture and integrated health in the UK, an approach that recognises the powerful potential for healing when proven holistic therapies work alongside general medical treatment. He was the UK’s first professor of acupuncture, at York University, and set up York Clinic long before acupuncture and integrated medicine was recognised in mainstream healthcare.
He founded The Northern College of Acupuncture in 1988 with Nick Haines and Richard Blackwell, which went on to offer the UK’s first degree in acupuncture. His groundbreaking research at York University’s Health Sciences Unit resulted in large scale peer reviewed studies that were published in some of the world’s most respected medical journals, including the British Medical Journal. His final, and possibly biggest, contribution to integrated medicine was the publication of the 2021 NICE guidelines that, citing his research, recommended acupuncture along with other integrative therapies for use in the treatment of chronic pain by the NHS for the first time.

As a clinic we focus on providing therapies that work alongside and link into conventional healthcare options. Our clinic users often tell us that we help to bridge the gaps they have previously experienced on their wellness journeys. We always consider each individual over their symptoms.
York Clinic was established in 1986, with the mission to make effective alternative therapies accessible to those who need them. The clinic’s founder, Professor Hugh MacPherson, championed evidence-based medicine that works with the body’s physiology. He believed that having many experienced therapists under one roof creates a space where knowledge is shared and patients receive the very best care.
We’re proud to be a family run business, and maintain these high standards set by Hugh. York Clinic has been operating from 296 Tadcaster road since 1991 – the 19th century villa has ample parking and a beautiful mature garden. This is a wonderful place to begin your treatment journey.

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