Therapy Fees at York Clinic for Integrated Healthcare

Below is the fee structure for each therapy. These are accurate as of 1st March 2017. If you require more up to date information, please ring us on 01904-709688 between 9 and 5.30 Monday to Friday, or between 9 and 2 on Saturdays. Alternatively, contact us by email.

Please note that we are only able to accept payment in cash or by cheque – no Credit or Debit cards please.– 

Acupuncture in York

Acupuncture Fees are £40 per session.  Some  practitioners may charge £50 for the initial consultation and treatment. 

Aromatherapy at York Clinic

Fees vary between practitioners. Massage Full body £45-6, Massage for Upper Body only £30, Massage for Upper Body and Facial £55


Vary between practitioners.

Colonic Hydrotherapy at York Clinic

All treatments £65

Herbal Medicine in York

First consultation and treatment – £45-49 plus cost of herbs. Subsequent treatments – £35-39 plus cost of herbs. 

Hypnotherapy in York

Fees vary between practitioners, but are in the region of £55-60 with discounts available on discussion. 

Massage Therapy in York

Fees vary between practitioners and range from £40 – £48 pounds

McTimoney Chiropractic at York Clinic

First consultation and treatment – £50 Subsequent treatments – £40 

Osteopathy in York at York Clinic

£37 for adults, £30 for children and babies.

Psychologists in York – York Clinic for Integrated


Psychotherapy & Counselling at York Clinic

First consultation and treatment – £48.00. Subsequent treatments – £44.00 


Charges – £50 for initial 60 minute appointment. Follow up appointments – £30 for 30 mins; £45 for 45 mins; £60 for 60 mins 10% discount for NHS employees and York Card holders

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