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Alison Longridge

Ali has over 20 years experience as a registered acupuncturist, specialising in gynaecology, male and female fertility, pregnancy and post-natal care.


Ali has been inspired by some wonderful teachers over the years, and her practice continues to evolve in line with growing expertise within the profession and well conducted research.

She has studied with some exceptional acupuncturists, including Jane Lyttleton – gynaecology and fertility expert from Australia, and Debra Betts – obstetric expert from New Zealand. Ali has also studied with a number of London based practitioners who are leading the way in acupuncture becoming integrated with conventional treatment and care, including Jani White, Zita West, Sarah Budd and Naarva Carmen. Above all, Ali admires their passion for traditional acupuncture, their heart-felt care for their patients, and their compassionate wisdom.


Ali believes that an open, honest and caring relationship between patient and practitioner is essential. Without this, it would be difficult for her to gather all the information necessary to make a really accurate diagnosis, and plan a truly appropriate treatment. It’s not unusual for many acu-points to come to mind when considering how to help a certain symptom like menstrual pain. Working out those points best suited to an individual means building a detailed picture of their health. This way, both Ali and her patient come to see the relevance and relationship between all sorts of signs and symptoms that may have seemed quite unrelated to the patient until now.

Ali specialises in acupuncture for fertility and pregnancy – visit our fertility and pregnancy page to find out more.

For your initial consultation, please allow an hour so Ali can take a full medical history and agree a treatment plan with you. The more information you can bring about your condition – including any medication you are taking, blood tests, investigations or fertility charts – the better equipped she will be to assess and treat you, and the more specific she can be with the prognosis. Follow up treatments take 50 minutes.

Fees and availability

Treatment fees

£60 for initial consultation of 50 mins. 

£50 for follow-on sessions of 50 mins. 

Ali requests payment prior to your appointment.

A full fee of £50 stands for all missed appointments, or appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice

For Ali’s pregnancy and birth prep treatment details, please see our fertility and pregnancy page.

Gift Vouchers are also available.

Clinic times 

Wednesday between 9am and 2pm

During IVF cycles, or similar, appointments are arranged according to need.

“The changes a patient makes are specific to them. They are informed by their traditional acupuncture diagnosis and most importantly, by what resonates with them – what makes good sense.”

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Gynaecology, male and female fertility, pregnancy and post-natal care


PhD in Health Sciences, University of York.
MSc in Acupuncture with Distinction, Northern College of Acupuncture and University of Wales

Professional Associations

Member of the British Acupuncture Council (MBAcC)


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Alison Longridge