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Massage therapy and reflexology

Christine Wilkinson

Christine offers aromatherapy massage, deep tissue massage and reflexology: a therapeutic pressure technique working with precise reflex points on the feet.


Christine began her career as a teacher. She thoroughly enjoyed the 15 years she spent with the children at Clifton Preparatory School, York, however a growing interest in health and natural therapies inspired her to make a career change. She spent three years training to become a complementary therapist, first in various forms of massage, then aromatherapy and finally reflexology.

Christine has practised at York Clinic for 23 years, and most of her clients have been with her long term and return regularly. She employs a holistic approach, looking beyond immediate symptoms and taking into account the whole person – physically, mentally and emotionally. Christine makes every effort to accommodate individual needs with the same care, thoroughness and sensitivity that were an integral part of her many years in education.



For your aromatherapy treatment, Christine will choose essential oils that are tailored to you. These are diluted in an appropriate base oil, and applied to the skin using various massage techniques, so that the oils can enter the bloodstream through the deeper layers of the skin. The level of massage pressure applied will be guided by you, and Christine will ascertain which areas you’d like her to focus on, during your consultation.


During your reflexology treatment, Christine applies a skillful, gentle but firm pressure to the feet using specific thumb and finger techniques. This is combined with soothing foot massage techniques.  Reflexology sees that every organ, system and structure in the body has a corresponding reflex area or zone on the feet.  A thorough reflexology treatment disperses crystals of calcium and acid which accumulate in the nerve endings of the feet, clearing neural pathways and stimulating the body to heal itself.  Wellbeing is restored and the body, mind and emotions are brought back into balance. Patients frequently fall asleep during treatment and afterwards experience improvements in health.

Christine creates an experience of being cared for and cosseted, which heightens the felt effects of the treatment and leaves you with a marvellous sense of calm and wellbeing.

Fees and availability

Treatment fees

£50 for 90 mins

Clinic times

Fridays 12pm until 8pm

To make an appointment with Christine, please call York Clinic reception on 01904 709688 or email 

Christine will then contact you, once she receives your details.

“It is sensible, I believe, to also seek natural therapies such as aromatherapy, rather than simply drugs, which can have unpleasant side-effects and deplete the immune system.”

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Stress, musculoskeletal pain (especially in the shoulders and neck), insomnia, digestive issues


International Therapy Examination Council
International Institute of Health and Holistic Therapies
Teaching Certificate in Education

Professional Associations

Member of The Complementary Therapists Association
Insured by Holistic Services Insurance


“A lovely massage. Just what I needed”


“I felt very relaxed during the massage and my shoulders and neck felt great afterwards.” 


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Christine Wilkinson