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Colonic hydrotherapy

Keren Wheeler

Keren believes we’d be a happier and healthier nation, if we discussed our bowels and their habits, rather than being embarrassed about pooping. As a natural function to get rid of the body's waste, her mission is to change this attitude one colon at a time!


Welcome to the wonderful world of Colonic Hydrotherapy! Keren is passionate about helping people who are suffering from bowel or digestive problems, by using a water based treatment that can provide positive effects and ongoing relief, even with stubborn bowels.

She has an in depth knowledge of the gut/brain connection through personal experience, its effect on bowel disruption and how colonic hydrotherapy can promote better long term health of both the digestive system and the body overall.

With a career that began as a beauty therapist, Keren worked in salons, hotels and cruise ships for 20 years before deciding to push her boundaries and train as a colon hydrotherapist with Gallina Imrie in Maidenhead back in 2008. The course was life changing for Keren, giving her the skills to help clients with bowel and digestive problems that are often lifelong.

Symptoms treated include:

  • IBS

  • Constipation

  • Bloating & gas

  • Headaches/migraine

  • Low energy levels

  • Emotional stress including anxiety, depression


Keren understands that many digestive issues are often triggered by emotional stress, which the digestive system can hold onto, causing gut problems. She creates a safe and relaxing environment for her clients, and maintains her naturally empathetic and inspiring approach at all times. She will work alongside you to decide on a treatment plan that feels right for you. It will be simple and easy to follow, using various tools such as diet, exercise and often some nutritional supplements, to gain the best outcome possible.

Fees and availability

Treatment fees

£85 for colonic hydrotherapy

£75 for colonic massage

Food intolerance testing using Cambridge Nutritional Sciences Ltd. starts at £90

"Learn to accept the things you can change and change the things you are unable to accept. Bowel problems affect everything, and a healthy working waste management system is hugely important for a healthy life."


IBS, constipation, digestive issues, gas, bloating and food intolerance testing


CIDESCO beauty therapy (face & body)
Colonic Hydrotherapy and Advanced Practitioner Training

Professional Associations

Member of the Register of Integrative Colon Therapists and Trainers (RICTAT)


"Keren is a wonderful therapist, gentle & intuitive who instinctively knows what your body wants to do and works with that. After just a few sessions my bloating & digestive issues are dramatically reduced and I feel lighter & brighter. I've had treatments with other therapists before but never the powerful results that I've had with Keren. I am definitely going to keep up with regular sessions."

Naomi S

"Keren has been fantastic in helping me with my digestive issues, not only through colonic hydrotherapy treatments but recommending regular probiotics and herbal supplements which have changed my life – for the better! I cannot thank Keren enough, she really cares about her patients and what she does. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Helen H

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Keren Wheeler