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Acupuncture and massage therapy

Rachel Hemblade

With her scientific background, Rachel takes an integrated approach to healing, looking to find a way that acupuncture can work alongside any medical treatment you’re receiving. Her aim is to make patients feel comfortable, at ease and ultimately well again.


Rachel worked in an acupuncture clinic during her school years, before going on to study pharmacology at University of Edinburgh. But she became deterred by the ethics of the pharmaceutical industry, and decided to investigate an alternative route. Inspired by her experience in the clinic, Rachel went on to complete a 3 year BSc degree at the Northern College of Acupuncture. It was here that she developed a love for treating and caring for people, through the gentle medicine of Acupuncture.

Rachel is also trained in remedial massage, and uses both massage and acupuncture to treat a range of complaints and illnesses including:

·  Musculoskeletal aches and pains

·  Sciatica

·  Anxiety

·  Migraine and headaches

·  Period health and menopause

·  Arthritis

·  Low mood


Rachel practises Traditional Acupuncture (TCM), a system that looks at your body as a whole, in order to assess the areas of imbalance and to restore its natural equilibrium. With her scientific background, Rachel can take an integrated approach to healing, looking to find a way that acupuncture can work alongside, and in some cases reduce, any medication that you may be taking.

Treatments may consist of a combination of acupuncture and massage, depending on what is most appropriate and what you feel comfortable with. Rachel will provide a safe environment for you to feel at ease and discuss your condition, and you’ll devise a treatment plan for your recovery together. Many patients often return after they are better for top-up treatments, for relaxation and in order to restore and maintain their body's balance and equilibrium.

Nepal Experience

Shortly after qualifying Rachel spent  three months with the Acupuncture Relief Project, a charity providing free medical support to those affected by poverty, conflict or disaster. During this time she lived in rural Nepal providing acupuncture and primary healthcare to communities with little or no access to these services. 

Following the devastation of the earthquake in 2014, Nepal was left with even fewer resources for medical care. The time spent there made her realise that even with the most basic provisions and a limited clinical environment, acupuncture is a powerful medicine that can help to bring our bodies back to health. In the relatively short time spent there, she saw over 600 patients come through the clinic. It was such an invaluable and changing experience that has been put into practice since. This blog , written at the time, gives a small insight into the challenges faced each day. 

Fees and availability

Clinic times

Thursdays, 9am–6.30pm.

Treatment fees

£50 for Initial consultation 

£50 for follow-up 


Musculoskeletal aches and pains,
Bell’s palsy


BSc, Dip Ac, MBAcC, BSC (Hons) Pharm

Professional Associations

Member of the British Acupuncture Association (BAcC)


"I had been feeling extremely anxious having returned to work after having a baby and my husband had recommended acupuncture. I thought I  would give it a go, however I must say I was slightly dubious as to whether it would actually work. I met with Rachel and she went through my symptoms and history in detail. I automatically felt at ease with Rachel, she was absolutely lovely and very professional. I had my first session and I can honestly say after this session my anxiety had subsided. After 3 sessions I felt a real difference. I was so happy I tried it and can’t recommend Rachel enough."


"I sought Rachel's help after being diagnosed with bell's palsy. My face was paralysed and I felt incredibly low and tense. Rachel immediately filled me with confidence about my recovery, she was really relaxed in her approach and positive about my recovery. She had good knowledge of the condition as well which was really reassuring. In just a couple of weeks my face was back to normal and I attribute this completely to the acupuncture. I can't recommend Rachel enough,  not just because of her skilled practise but also the consistent loveliness of her working manner. At all times she was kind, positive and patient with me and put me completely at ease. I am a hundred percent certain that I recovered quickly because of Rachel's work and feel really lucky to have been her client."


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Rachel Hemblade