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Simon Baverstock

Psychotherapy involves a journey of exploration, an examination of the components or bits of your life that you struggle with and a search for new ways to view yourself, or others, or your environment to attain a balance and life harmony.


Simon has a background in engineering, manufacturing and the leisure industries and brought his experience with people to train as an Integrative Relational psychotherapist in 2009. He works with adults weekly who struggle with or feel overwhelmed by aspects of their lives and uses his experience of talking and relating to you in sessions to understand your way of being in the world, how you make sense of it and how you relate to others. Together you might explore ways to notice or address what is getting in the way of your aims, happiness, fulfilment or goals.

He can assist you with:

  • relationship difficulties

  • anxiety

  • post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

  • low self esteem

  • bereavement

  • end of life

  • suicidal thoughts

  • anger

  • obsessive behaviour

  • alcoholism

  • drug use

  • domestic violence

  • sexual violence

  • depression

  • childhood sexual abuse and/or panic attacks.

Simon is also the co-founder of the Northern Lights Therapy Service in Scarborough. The service specialises in the treatment of adults who have profound childhood experience of sexual abuse, neglect, domestic and/or sexual violence, trauma and exploitation. He also welcomes and has worked with adults who experience psychosis and dissociative identity disorder (DID).


Sessions are weekly, but can be more frequent, and last for 60 minutes. Clients usually start with a minimum of six weeks, but this will depend on your type of issue and your goals. Being listened to and feeling heard can bring immediate benefits. Long standing suffering can take longer to unravel.

Simon uses the CORE Outcome Measures self assessment forms periodically, if you are willing, as a way to monitor the effect and direction of a clients' psychotherapy.

Fees and availability

Treatment fees

£50 for psychotherapy session of 60 mins.

Clinic times

Tuesdays and Thursdays between 8:30am–7:30pm.

Can work via telephone and Zoom in some circumstances, though my preference is for face-to-face.

"Your journey is unique. Every time I've been listened to and understood I've come away feeling cared for and valued with a new sense of worth. I've learned that change is inevitable and that how I care for myself in the present affects my future."

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Trauma, childhood neglect, anxiety and mood regulation, relationships


MDip Integrative Relational Psychotherapy – Scarborough Counselling and Psychotherapy Training Institute

Professional Associations

UKCP registered
Director and co-founder of the Northern Lights Therapy Service in Scarborough


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Simon Baverstock