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Explore our range of therapies

Trigger your body's healing response and restore vitality. Ultra-fine needles are used to stimulate your energetic pathways.

Aromatherapy massage combines the therapeutic benefits of essential oils with a variety of massage techniques.

A water based therapy that aims to restore health by cleansing the colon of accumulated waste and gas.

Special treatments to support your whole journey – from fertility through birth and beyond.

Herbal medicine is the oldest form of medicine. At York Clinic we offer both Chinese and Western forms.

Achieve lasting change by accessing the subconscious mind through deep relaxation and visualisation.

Release tension, relax and stimulate healing with Swedish, sports, aromatherapy and pregnancy massage.

Restore alignment through mobilisation of the spine, soft tissue massage and gentle release of the joints.

Relieve pain and restore mobility with targeted exercises that work muscular as well as neuromuscular systems.

Promote physical and emotional health with a non-invasive treatment that stimulates reflex areas on the feet.

Talking therapies provide an opportunity for people to work with emotional problems in a safe and confidential setting.