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What is psychotherapy and counselling

Psychotherapy and Counselling are commonly referred to as ‘talking cures.’ Both provide an opportunity for people to work with emotional problems in a safe and confidential setting, where they will be heard respectfully and without being judged. There will always be differing approaches concerning the causes of emotional distress, but broadly speaking all psychotherapists and counsellors seek to help people identify the reasons for their current difficulties, and to consider what they might like to change.

Psychotherapy and counselling in York

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As practitioners at the York Clinic, we differ in our approaches (see our individual entries for more details), but share a common aim of helping people to gain a sense of control over, and responsibility for, their lives.

We’ll always aim to create a respectful, caring relationship in which you feel able to talk freely about your feelings, thoughts and behaviours. Our emphasis on responsibility also means that we don’t regard counselling and psychotherapy as akin to medicine, or as something that’s ‘done to’ people – but as a collaborative venture in which both parties are active participants.

Psychotherapy and counselling practitioners

Psychotherapy and Counselling
Psychotherapy and counselling

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Psychotherapy and counselling practitioners