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Talking therapies offered at York Clinic

Psychotherapy & counselling

Counselling and psychotherapy are commonly referred to as ‘talking cures.’ Both provide an opportunity for people to work with emotional problems in a safe and confidential setting, where they will be heard respectfully and without being judged. You may feel that what they're going through isn’t 'bad enough' to get help, or perhaps you aren't sure if psychotherapy is right for your problems. But everyone can benefit from becoming more aware of how they see the world, and why.


Registered Psychologists work compassionately and effectively with a range of mental health problems concerning life issues including anxiety, depression, addiction, eating disorder, trauma/abuse, learning difficulties and relational distress. Psychologists understand diagnosis and the medical context of mental health problems and work with the individual’s unique subjective experience to empower their recovery and alleviate distress.


CBT is a practical and evidence based form of therapy that offers effective tools for change. The aim is for you to become your own therapist. By the time you’ve finished your sessions, you should be equipped with skills to help you deal effectively with the ups and downs of daily life. 


The key difference between coaching and other therapies is that coaching does not seek to resolve the deeper underlying issues that cause serious problems like poor motivation, low self-esteem and poor job performance. Coaching programmes are generally more concerned with the practical issues of setting goals and achieving results within specific time-scales.

Talking therapies in York

Talking therapies provide an opportunity for people to work with emotional problems in a safe and confidential setting.

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Psychotherapy and Counselling
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Psychotherapy and counselling
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