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What is Western herbal medicine?

Western herbal medicine combines a holistic approach with modern scientific knowledge and research. This style of modern herbal medicine is also known as phytotherapy, which has evolved as a result of the recent worldwide growth in scientific information on plant drugs and their effective and safe use. Western herbal recipes usually contain fewer herbs than a Chinese herbal recipe, and the herbs are categorized by medicinal property, function and action.

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Herbal prescriptions are bespoke to the individual patient and the cause of their illness, rather than the symptoms that they have. An initial in-depth consultation will include questions about emotional state, lifestyle, diet and any other underlying causes as well as any necessary clinical examinations.

At the end of the consultation, a tailor-made healthcare plan will be drawn up. This can include herbal medicines (in alcoholic tincture, tea, capsule or cream form), nutritional supplements, diet and lifestyle recommendations. After this there may be a need for a follow up consultation, to check on progress and to make any necessary adjustments to the healthcare plan.

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Herbal Medicine is for everyone and can treat both acute and chronic conditions.

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